Lake Forest Youth exists to make disciples of youth (grades 6 – 12) who love Jesus, love others as they love themselves, and serve the world.

We accomplish this by seeking to program and create spaces for youth to grow within a three pillar model which echos the DNA of our church – up, in, and out:

When do we gather?

Middle School – Sunday from 5:30-7p
High School – Sunday from 7:30 – 9p

What does a typical Sunday look like?

In both of our Sunday night environments for MS & HS, our youth arrive to be welcomed by their peers and small group leader at the main entrance of our campus. Youth have an opportunity to connect with their friends, leaders, and do large group games before diving into the message and small group. Groups are all in for the message as youth are encouraged to come ready and eager to participate and learn together. After a 15 min message students’ breakout into their co-ed grade specific small groups led by their small group leaders. We adjourn with a blessing and prayer over our student body as they have the unique task to live out the Gospel throughout the week.

Upcoming Sundays

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Leadership Team & Office Hours

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Join the Team

Good news – our ministry is growing! As more middle and high school students get connected to Lake Forest Youth, our need for adults who are passionate about connecting with and investing in these students lives grows, too.
From small group leadership to events planning and administrative support, if you’re interested, we have a space for you to serve. You can express your interest in joining our team by clicking the image and filling out the form.