Your Journey:

At Lake Forest, we believe that your spiritual journey is just that – it’s yours.

We hope that you’ll find our church to be a safe place for you to examine your faith and find community and purpose, whether you’re a skeptic, a spiritual explorer, or a long time follower of Jesus.

More About Lake Forest

Our approach to discipleship, or following Jesus, is three-fold: UP, IN, and OUT. This discipleship model, which we see supported in scripture, is the roadmap for everything that our church invests time, energy, and resources into. And we believe that having a balance of all three of these areas is vital to every follower of Jesus:


You may have heard faith in Jesus referred to as a ‘personal relationship.’ It certainly is, at least in part.
Your relationship with God is personal and, like all relationships, requires intentional time and devotion.


None of us are created to do life alone, and we all need other people to support and encourage us as we navigate the challenges of life.
Your spiritual friendships are essential to your journey. We’re stronger, and life is better, together.


God has created each one of us with unique gifts and talents – both to build and serve His church,
and to meet the needs of those around us who are hurting, so that they may come to know Him.
We share the love of God with others through service and mission.