Your Journal

At Lake Forest Church we believe everyone has a story, a journey with God to discover, and it gets written each day we spend with God. Our relationship with God is a great adventure and we want to help you discover your role in God’s story by helping you spend time with Jesus each day. Learn more about Your Journal below.

Daily Reading

Your journal will help you have a moment to spend time with God. You’ll get to read a passage each day, observe any details that catch your attention, apply it to every-day life, and pray with it in mind. You’ll get to practice the way of Jesus by spending time with God each day.

Video Devotionals

We will have corresponding video content from different voices in our congregation to help explore the passage along with you. These videos cover the first 25 entries of Luke readings. We know we all have a story to share and these videos will help encourage you to hear from God in real ways.

To access these videos click the button below

Text Reminders

Text “journal” to 844-959-0523 to receive daily reminders for Your Journal

Journey with others

We believe one of the ways we are called to practice the way of Jesus is with others in community, and your Journal is designed to also be walked through with others. We’ve included sections for sermon notes and Group notes. Our hope is for these notes to prompt you to continue in reflection throughout the week, and help you share what stood out to you with others.