Let’s reimagine together!

Join us, and Ministry Architects, in preparing for a new season of Youth Ministry at Lake Forest Church WestLake.

Planning for our youth

We value the youth of our church, and we are committed to building a sustainable youth ministry that is going to have a deep impact. That’s why we are developing a game plan together. We have invited Ministry Architects to visit us on June 2-4th. (Learn more about them at www.ministryarchitects.com.) Ministry Architects will spend the majority of their time listening to a variety of groups within the church through focused listening groups. We hope to see participation in those groups from a broad spectrum of parents, volunteers, youth and people who just love our youth. We want your insights, your frustrations and your dreams to be heard.

After spending 2 days in these listening groups (and taking copious notes), the Ministry Architects team will hunker down to write a report, sharing with us what they’ve heard about the youth programs – including assets, challenges, and how we compare to youth ministries around the country – and where it seems that God might be taking us next. On Sunday, June 4th at 6pm the report will be presented to the congregation in the Worship Center laying out specific recommendations and a blueprint for how to move forward. If you would like to be part of this process and have your voice heard, please contact register below!

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Weekend Schedule

Lake Forest Youth continues!

Our Youth team has some great things planned for your middle and high school student. Learn more about how to plug in today!
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