Whether we’re moving towards or through a new season in our life, navigating a time of transition and change, or settling into a familiar rhythm, each of us has asked some version of this question: What was I made for?

We all want to know our purpose and, even more, we need practical tools and language to help us discover how to live it out.

In “MADE FOR THIS“, we will take an intentional look at the life that Jesus models for us and examine three rhythms of life that will form us, encourage us, and empower us to live the real, abundant life that Jesus offers to us.

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God desires a personal relationship with us.

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After this service, we were left with a 3 Week Challenge to give God the first minutes of our day, the first dollars of our income, and the first day of the week in worship.

We also think these resources can help:

IN –

We were created for spiritual friendship with others.

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We’re all at different places in our spiritual journey, so everyone’s next step is different. Try one of these:


We reflect God’s love for people when we partner with Him in mission and service.

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Phone wallpapers to remind us of the key points of each message in this series:

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When we follow Jesus, we’d like to think that we put Him first. He is, after all, Lord of all. Still, we struggle.
What if there were practical tools that we could put into place to help us truly but Jesus first? Join us as we discover the truth that the bible offers us and journey together to finally put JESUS OVER EVERYTHING.