When we follow Jesus, we’d like to think that we put Him first. He is, after all, Lord of all. Still, we struggle.
What if there were practical tools that we could put into place to help us truly but Jesus first? Join us as we discover the truth that the bible offers us and journey together to finally put JESUS OVER EVERYTHING.

Series Next Steps

Jesus > my past.

Through the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19, we learned that we don’t have to be defined by our past.

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Here are some more reading resources to encourage you of this truth:

Jesus > fear.

What biblical truth can we learn when we take a look at the hokey pokey? This week, we learned how we can trust Jesus over fear.

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If this message stood out to you, try reading:

Jesus > hiding.

Considering the story of Moses, we left the third week of this series knowing that Jesus is over hiding.

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We’d encourage you to live this out through group life at LFC, and these resources will help you along your journey:

Jesus > anxiety.

As we heard from Jesus’ own words, this week taught us all about how Jesus is over worry and anxiety.

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We know that this is a difficult challenge for many of us, and we think these resources can help:

Jesus > doubt.

“Faith is often born on the mountaintop, but it is tested in the valley.”  We concluded our series in a powerful service where we committed to following Jesus over doubt.

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Pastor Aron has a few favorite books on the topic, or you can walk through this bible reading plan:

Take “Jesus > everything” with you everywhere you go!

Phone wallpapers to remind us of the key points of each message in this series: