The word, “gospel,” which literally means ‘good news,’ refers to the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection and how, ultimately, He came to set us free. In light of this good news, we have been given a Word to live by – a collection of stories and instruction that should be used to inform and influence and even correct us. Living a life that is led by the Gospel should be simple. But so often, we get it wrong.
Fortunately, we’re not alone. Early Christians missed the mark more than once, and required the correction of leaders like the Apostle Paul to set things right-side-up again.
Join us this summer for a six-week journey through the Book of Galatians. Together, we will re-discover our freedom in Christ and course-correct our Gospel gone wrong.


Join us in our 35 day reading plan through the book of Galatians. As our teaching pastors guide us chronologically through this letter to the church, you can read along and study at home!