We’ve been told that our greatest achievements, our biggest successes, life’s brightest and most beautiful moments happen on the mountain – once we’ve traveled and conquered and ultimately, arrived. But what if there was another kind of story? A story about heartache and loss, about grief and trial. One that hasn’t arrived, hasn’t reached it’s joyful resolution, and yet, it is a story with one key element that changes everything –  hope.

Unveiled to us through the accounts of biblical heroes, through pages and poems and psalms, and through you, is a story worth telling. 

In this four week series, we will showcase four local artists, their music and their stories, and examine biblical lament through the lense of a very poignant Psalm. Join us, and dare to uncover the hope that is found in your story – from the valley.

Series Next Steps

In this series, we’re exploring the concept of lament through many lenses – those of our guest musical artists, the lens of your own experiences, and through our key scripture, Psalm 13. We invite you to revisit the services or catch those you may miss, take advantage of our follow up tools, and listen to the music of our guests as you explore what lamentation looks like to you.


As discussed in his interview during church at Lake Forest, Josh is notoriously difficult to find on the internet (which makes him Pastor Aron’s hero, by the way). Still, you can listen and enjoy his music via the link below.



Catawba County native, Casey Clark, is no stranger to Lake Forest WestLake. Beyond his contributions to our Sunday morning team and to Haven Collective, Casey is a songwriter and self-proclaimed SANGer (that’s southern for singer) with his own music, telling stories of what has happened in his own life and the life of those around him.



ARSENA (formerly known as Arsena Schroeder) is an independent recording artist with R&B and pop influences. Based out of Charlotte, NC, this multi-talented singer-songwriter is known for her star-quality and heartfelt tunes — think India Arie meets Alicia Keys with introspective lyrical content and music that infuses her multi-instrumentalist capabilities on guitar and piano.



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