Fifth Grade Foundations

Sundays, April 24 - May 22 (except May 8) | 5:30 - 7 pm

LFC WestLake - Basecamp Room

Parents – Consider this four week class designed to give your fifth grader a safe place to explore God, learn about the church, and ask questions. Check out the FAQ below for details.

Registration for this class is required: REGISTER HERE



Why do you offer this class?
We offer this class to our 5th graders to help them understand the “foundations” of Christianity and discover their role in God’s story. This class also provides a bridge from Kidventure to Lake Forest Youth and gives them an opportunity to meet Jus, who will lead them as they move to being a part of middle school Youth groups in the summer.

What will be studying?
We will learn about what the Bible says about who God is, how we fit into God’s creation, how sin entered the world and Jesus’ plan to rescue us from sin. We will also talk about communion, baptism, prayer and growing in Christ.

What if we need to miss a week?
If you need to miss a week, we can provide the materials that we will cover during the class so you can discuss it at home with your kid.

Can parents attend?
This year, we are offering our “Parent U: Foundations Edition” for Parents. While your 5th grader is enjoying their Foundations class, Pastor Aron will lead a time for the parents each week where you will discuss what to expect in middle school, you’ll hear what your kids are learning during their class, and you’ll discover how parents and the church partner together during these middle and high school years. No registration required, just come to the Parent U class after you drop your kids off for Foundations.

Can I invite friends, even if they don’t come to Lake Forest?
Yes, definitely!!! We love reaching “One More Person” with this class.

Will there be baptisms after this class?
Yes, we will offer an opportunity for kids to be baptized after the class. The time and date will be announced during the class.

Is this the only time this is offered?
This is the only time that we offer this class specifically for 5th graders, but this isn’t the only time that our youth will study Foundations. Each year in Lake Forest Youth, they will have a Foundations series so they can continue to understand and grow deeper in their faith.