Hi! We’re Lake Forest Church,

a family of skeptics, spiritual explorers, and followers of Jesus. If you don’t have it all together, you’ll fit right in.


Since 2014, Lake Forest WestLake has
been a safe place for people just like you to
find a practical faith, to discover your role
in God’s story, and to belong.

Following Jesus leads to a life of purpose and adventure and peace in all situations. And when we look at the lives of the first followers of Jesus, it’s abundantly clear: you can’t live a life that is truly dedicated to Jesus without courage. But courage is more than an attitude – it is always an action. A decision. A step out in faith. A choice to speak up or stand firm. Sometimes, it’s even a physical change in location or vocation; a move.
Followers of Jesus are always willing to make moves, even uncomfortable or scary ones.
The good news is that God is always at work around us; His Spirit is always moving! He’s leading the way and with us in every step. 
Join us each Sunday August 14 – September 18 As we explore how God’s Spirit is moving, how His presence transforms us and how we live. God’s Spirit has moved close to us, but how will we respond? How will you respond? It’s your move. 


Kid’s Hope USA is a national organization that LFC partners with to build life-changing relationships one at a time: One child. One hour. One church. One school. Through this program we’ve partnered with St. James Elementary School to provide mentors and prayer partners to at-risk students. God has been moving in this ministry and allowed us to build some great partnerships with the children and faculty at St. James.

Click the link below to find our how you can get involved!

Life is better together.

Are you looking for a group of people where you can have authentic relationships? We have plenty of ways to connect at Lake Forest.